There are tree transplants that any company can do and then there are tree transplants that require special skills and experience. When landscape architects and general contractors identify a significant tree transplant challenge we are often contracted to resolve the problem.

We have transplanted trees as large as 12” caliper and as tall as 45’ successfully and efficiently. We use appropriate equipment to excavate, transport, and plant trees to guarantee their survival after transplantation.

Project Profiles

Intrepid and Fisher House Center

  • Main characteristic of the project: The transplant of 42 22’ foot palm trees from California in this San Antonio, Texas location.
  • Challenges of the project: California source for the trees, unusual weather conditions that threatened the viability of the trees, tight schedule
  • How we made it work: Our team was sent to San Antonio for the duration of the project, sourced local service providers and used our supply chain to source and deliver the trees.
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Ford Miller Road Plant

  • Main characteristic of the project: Tree transplant
  • Challenges of the project: Transplant 12” caliper, 30’ tall, 16’ root ball tree
  • How we made it work: WH Canon Landscape Company carefully excavated the trees and hand-shaped the tree balls to prepare them for moving. We built special containers for tree transportation. The client’s operations were not being affected by the construction.
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