Van Buren Township, Michigan

Visteon Village was a large-scale landscape construction project that included over 3,000 evergreen and deciduous trees. Designed as a LEED project, meticulous record keeping and flawless installations were essential to the project. A large central man-made lake was a critical element of the project. The lake feeds the irrigation system for the site and provides the buildings with geothermal heat. A fringe wetland was also created to mitigate lost on-site wetland areas. We were responsible for installing the wetland trees, shrubs, plugs, fish habitat, sedimentation wall, turbidity curtains and herbivore protection. Visteon Village is an open landscape campus where appearance is of critical importance. A combination of canopy trees, flowering trees, shrubs, perennials and large areas of concrete pavers adorn the site. Since completion of the construction phase, our maintenance division has been maintaining the landscape areas and constructed wetlands.

  • Main characteristic of the project: LEED Certified project, a large man-made lake
  • Challenges of the project: Meticulous record keeping, meet LEED requirements
  • How we made it work: WH Canon Landscape Company worked closely with the designer and other constructions trades and performed a flawless installation. The landscape significantly contributes to the sustainability of the site.