Detroit, Michigan

Through competitive bidding WH Canon Landscape Company was selected to be the landscape contractor for the new immigration offices in Detroit. At the first preconstruction meeting the owner asked WH Canon Landscape Company to redesign the landscape and through a series of meetings WH Canon Landscape Company completely redesigned the entire landscape.

The project was attempting to go for LEED certification so the landscape needed to achieve several points including use of native plants. To achieve these points several prairies were created in larger areas and showy native plants were selected in high profile locations to act as traditional plant beds. Turf lawn was limited to the property perimeter to help blend into the surrounding urban landscape.

To meet homeland security requirements recycled concrete was used to construct walls around the building and retain soil for rain gardens. The site also utilizes captured water runoff for the irrigation system through a series of rain gardens, bioswales and underground cisterns.

Project team: American Sprinkler, WH Canon Company

Type of work: Landscape design, construction and maintenance