Ann Arbor, Michigan

In 2008 WH Canon was selected to provide landscape design services for a remodeled entrance and offices at Trinity Lutheran Church. The design was to focus on creating a welcoming low maintenance and beautiful church entrance. Over several months the design expanded to include a prayer garden, entrance signs and creating a new entrance for an existing meditation garden.

The design focused on the specific challenges of each area through plant material and layout. In parking areas hardy plantings were chosen to tolerate the harsh conditions, screening and blocks of color were used for the meditation garden, while the new prayer garden and church entrance utilized a diverse mixture of colors and textures.

Once the design was complete the church selected WH Canon to install and maintain the landscape for the first year. Since completion, the landscape has been extremely successful and has been well cared for by church members.

Project team: A.R. Brouwer Company, WH Canon Company

Type of work: Landscape design, Landscape construction