Clinton Township, Michigan

The Mall at Partridge Creek is a large, high profile outdoor shopping center located in Clinton Township, MI. The landscape construction included the installation of over 122,000 square feet of concrete pavers, hundreds of large caliper trees, and thousands of shrubs and perennials.

The Mall features an outdoor central corridor composed of pavers and detailed planting beds. The pavers and planting beds were installed with an extensive under drainage systems to quickly remove storm water. A glycol snow melt system was installed beneath the pavers to keep snow and ice from accumulating on the paver walkways which eliminated the need for snow plowing and salting services.

To keep the rigorous construction schedule for the grand opening, WH Canon Landscape Company worked in close cooperation with the other contractors. With very few staging areas available onsite, our crews received almost daily shipments of concrete pavers and plant material. These challenges created a complicated installation process where coordination among contractors was vital.

  • Landscape architect: Lawrence J. Teneza Associates
  • Awards: MGIA Gold Award
  • Main characteristic of the project: Hardscape installation, landscape installation.
  • Challenges of the project: The project included 122,000 sf of concrete pavers, hundreds of large caliper trees and thousands of shrubs and perennials. The project includes extensive drainage system. Our crew also faced the challenges of few staging areas available on site.
  • How we made it work: Used our supply chain and logistics expertise to utilize just-in-time delivery to optimize production