When Maya Lin was contracted to design the Ecliptic in Grand Rapids, she asked WH Canon Landscape Company to be a part of her construction team. We installed the detailed landscape features, plant material and pathways. The Ecliptic is a beautifully designed park that incorporates water into every aspect of the site. Each detail helps to reinforce the design theme of water that was inspired by the city’s name, “Grand Rapids.” The park is used as a gathering place with lush landscaping in the summer months. In the winter, the amphitheater becomes an ice rink for year round activity.

Although the park is small in size, the brilliant design and skilled installation has made the Ecliptic a one-of-a-kind city park.

  • Main characteristic of the project: A project designed by a famous artist that was to be the centerpiece of Grand Rapids downtown revitalization.
  • Challenges of the project: To understand the vision of the artist, Maya Lin, and to execute to achieve the aesthetic effect she desired.
  • How we made it work: Invested time and energy with Maya Lin to understand exactly what she wanted to achieve. WH Canon Landscape Company made the brilliant design come true. The flawless installation has made the Ecliptic a one-of-a-kind city park.