Detroit, Michigan

Midtown Detroit is the literal and figurative center of the revitalization of Detroit. Midtown Detroit, Inc. has led the economic revitalization of Midtown Detroit over the last 20-years. Midtown Detroit, Inc. asked us to build a synthetic turf dog park to respond to the new residents of Midtown. This tight site was once upon a time a commercial building and the dog park was built on top of its foundation and posed difficult issues to resolve. Water had to be brought to the site through this old foundation. The subsoil for the turf installation had to be built to specific specifications and the “dog appropriate” site furnishings had to be sourced and installed.

  • Main characteristic of the project: Synthetic turf with special drainage
  • Challenges of the project: Tight site, concrete foundation underneath, special drainage
  • How we made it work: WH Canon Landscape Company worked closely with the designer to solve the subgrade issues. The site is now a popular place in midtown Detroit