In 2014 Dan’s Excavating took on the time-bound reconstruction of seven miles of Interstate 96 in the Detroit metropolitan area. Failure to perform on time would result in liquidated damages. We were hired to install the landscaping under the watchful eye of the Michigan Department of Transportation auditors. Our challenge was to do the installation correctly, on time and at the pace of the completion of the highway.

We were tasked to test a new seeding method that encompassed blowing a mix of grass seed with fine grade compost at a consistent depth of three inches. In order to accomplish this we had to design a change in our blower equipment to put down the 3-inches of fine grade compost (3400 cu. Yds.) at the proper rate and mix.

Overall we installed 26,000 cubic yards of compost, 32,000 plants and 14 miles of straw matting. We finished on time and on budget. 

  • Main characteristic of the project: Landscaping for both sides of the seven-mile stretch of I-96.
  • Challenges of the project: Project involved 32,000 plants, 34,000 cubic yards of compost, a new and untested seeding method, and a tight timeline.
  • How we made it work: We developed solutions for the seeding by modifying machinery. We worked with our supply chain to source the plants and materials and to have them delivered on time. We treated the project as a manufacturing operation with tight control of production volume and quality.