Northville, Michigan

Harbour Village Apartments in Northville, Michigan, had a 14’ railroad tie retaining wall at the recreation center that had begun to decompose and required replacement. Our project manager and foreman worked with the owner and his engineer to identify the proper type of replacement wall. After an extensive review of multiple products they decided to install the Redi-Rock Wall System ( that were 2500 pound inter-locking block segments. The high walls required special understanding of loads and soils to support the wall. A critical success factor was the Identification and use of the proper equipment at each stage of the project. On the top level of the wall we were asked to replace a tennis court with a park setting. This involved a change in the grades of the area, the installation of swales and underground drainage. We had to add topsoil to accommodate the sod and large plantings to create the proper design effect for the owner.

  • Main characteristic of the project: Retaining walls, hardscape
  • Challenges of the project: The removal of a railroad tie retaining wall and replace it with a 14’ Redi-Rock Wall System.
  • How we made it work: WH Canon Landscape Company worked closely with the engineers and used proper equipment at each stage of the project.