Dearborn, Michigan

At the Ford Rouge Visitor Center guests visit the Ford F150 factory and drive through one of the world’s greatest industrial/environmental success stories. WH Canon Landscape Company was part of the design team and the landscape contractor for the entire site that transformed the paved area into a wonderland that features orchards, prairies, wetlands, bio-swales, acres of native perennials, thousands of trees and the world’s largest green roof. We turned the grey industrial wasteland into lush native ecosystems as part of the ongoing greening of the Rouge. The site is a living laboratory and is home to native birds, animals and insects.

The living roof’s primary function is to collect and filter rainfall as part of a natural storm water management system. Working together, the living roof, porous pavement, underground storage basins, natural treatment wetlands and vegetated swales significantly reduce the amount of storm water flowing into the Rouge River, while also improving water quality.

  • Project team: Arcadis, Harley Ellis, Mannik & Smith Group, Walbridge Aldinger, WH Canon Landscape Company
  • Main characteristic of the project: Green roof
  • Challenges of the project: One of the world’s largest green roofs. The intent was to turn the grey industrial wasteland into native ecosystems.
  • How we made it work: WH Canon Landscape Company was a fully integrated member of the design and construction team.

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