Ann Arbor, Michigan

Cranbrook Village Mall is located in a prime location at Ann Arbor Saline Road and I-94 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. WH Canon had been maintaining the site for a number of years when the owner decided to update the mall to attract new high profile tenants.

WH Canon developed a landscape plan that included removing the existing stone and shrubs from parking lot islands and replacing them with new hardy trees, shrubs, perennials and hardwood bark mulch. The plan also created new shrub and perennial beds around the entrances and near the buildings.

Since remodeling, REI and Whole Foods have located in the mall. WH Canon continues to provide maintenance services including manually watering and fertilizing the newly installed landscaping as well as continuing care for the existing lawns.

Client: ATMF Realty & Equity

Type of work: Landscape reconstruction, landscape maintenance

Dates: 2004-Current